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February 11th, 2021 - Love Magic Isn’t All About Sex

February 11, 2021

The Witch Daily Show ( is talking Love Magic Isn’t All About Sex



Our quote of the day Is: ― You can tailor any spell to be less specific. “Come to Me” spells are great alternatives because they allow the universe to help encourage what is meant to harmoniously appear in your life. As for glamours, they are really about using yourself as a charm. They are not really designed to change someone else’s will but more your own mindset in cultivating confidence and sexiness.


Attraction spells are good for bringing in love of any kind. Sometimes these are confused with glamours. Despite the name, the type of attraction spells I am talking about are not necessarily for superficial attraction or beauty. Instead, they help you to attract, or rather magnetize, whatever you desire, be it love, friendship, money, protection, etc.


–Michael Herkes





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